Shadow Yoga: Full Practice
Flying Yoga Shala Annex • 4202 Telegraph Ave, Oakland 94609
MWF • 7 – 8:30am • August 11 – 29

Build your fire through the dynamic and static stances of Shadow Yoga and then use the fire to explore your self through asana. Shadow Yoga is a powerful system that builds the individual’s strength and self-awareness for a safe yoga practice. During this three week workshop, Andy will take the group through the Kartikkeya Mandala prelude, build an asana sequence and end with a concluding seat for a complete practice. Participants are asked to have six months of recent yoga practice and an intention for self improvement.
COST = $100 before Aug 5 | $120 after

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Andy Matinog teaches Shadow Yoga in the SF Bay Area and New York. He is available for private instruction; please email him for details. He is currently teaching small groups in Oakland, to find about classes with Andy, subscribe to his free email list or follow him on facebook.

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