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Andy creates apps that attempt to bridge the immensity of outer technology with the power of inner technology. He’s working on a number of interesting projects that will hopefully see the light of day. Please contact him if you are interested in working with him.

Here are some apps that he has worked on that are available:

Nrtta Sadhana

The Nrtta Sadhana app is designed to aid in the learning of the Ashta Matrika, Lasya, and Tandava from the Shadow Yoga school.



Shadow Yoga

The Shadow Yoga app is designed to aid in the learning of the Preludes. The app includes animations of the Chalanas (warm ups), and the three Preludes to guide and reinforce the user’s learning.



Time In

This app calculates the moon position, phase, nakshatra, and active organ from Chinese medicine for the present moment. Like a diary, you can then record this moment with notes and other details for future reflection. When you go back and look through your notes you can easily see correspondences.