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The Moon From the Body

“The Yogi who realizes the movable and immovable world in the body is called the knower of the body, ” Siddhasiddhantapaddhati, 3.1 In the third chapter of the Siddhasiddhantapaddhati, Guru Goraknath relates everything in the seeable and unseeable world to our physical and subtle bodies. This list of reflections in the outer and inner worlds beckons the reader to examine their inner richnes...
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Beginning Shadow Yoga, for New and Old

Shadow Yoga is a different approach to Hatha Yoga than what is commonly seen in yoga studios so I'm writing this short guide to welcome new (and old) students. The first thing you need to know is that Shadow Yoga was developed by Shandor Remete, the school of Shadow Yoga is run by him and his partner, Emma Balnaves. For decades they have worked tirelessly on their craft and school. They are a...
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