Visiting NYC

You are registered you for the Shadow Yoga workshop with Sundernath & Emma in September and now preparing for your trip to NYC. Congratulations! I’m intending this to be a continually evolving page. Please read before emailing me – due to my schedule it may take some time to receive a response. If there is something that needs to be here, please let me know!

Getting Around Town



First, DO NOT accept ride offers from strangers as you will, at best, be ripped off. If you want a taxi, AKA private car service, each airport has a dedicated taxi stall that is regulated and has set prices – Use this. Another option is to take the NYC Airporter Shuttle. Please visit their site for information. Their shuttle service is not bad but you will be at the mercy of freeway traffic which can be quite slow. However, you will be above ground and be able to enjoy the epic skyline as you come into the city. Your last option is public transportation which can be quite fast and economical, instructions for each airport is as follows:

To begin your journey out of the airport after you have picked up your bags is to follow the signs. Your public transportation adventure begins by taking the AirTran train to Jamaica Station. Make sure your trains is going to Jamaica station. At Jamaica Station, you will have to purchase an MTA card which will cost $6. It is easiest to use a debit or credit card to pay for your card. After you exit AirTran, follow the signs to the LIRR and use one of the four ticket machines at the center of the area to purchase a ticket to Penn Station, roughly $10. It will take about 30 minutes.

Well, your only public transport option here is to take the bus – but its not bad and it is the cheapest option. You will have to depart from Terminals B, C, or D. If you are going uptown (Harlem, etc), take the M60 to the exit of your choice along 125th Street. Otherwise, take the M70 to Penn Station. You need to purchase a ticket at the machine before boarding the bus. You don’t have to show the ticket to the driver but hold onto it. Cost is $2.75. Trip takes about 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Congratulations, you landed in New Jersey. To escape, you will take AirTrain out of the airport to the romantically named Station P2. There, you will purchase a NJ Transit ticket (not Amtrak) to New York Penn Station. Cost is roughly $13 and will take about 30 minutes.


Train & Bus Arrivals

If you are arriving to NYC by train or bus, you will most likely be arriving at or near Penn Station. Penn Station is a short walk to the workshop location. If your housing is nearby, great!


Getting Around Town

The workshop location is convenient to Penn Station and nearly all the Subway lines through New York City. To get around the city, Google Maps is convenient and accurate enough. Please keep in mind that Subway schedules are unpredictable during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) so please allow extra time. It is also quite easy to catch a taxi or to use Lyft but keep in mind that being above ground they are subject to the gnarly traffic conditions of NYC.


The address for the studio, Moving Body Resources, is 112 W. 27th Street, #400. Yes, this is in Manhattan in the area between Midtown and Downtown. Neighborhood names… not sure where they come from but here is the list of neighborhoods the studio is in, from most specific to larger areas: Flower District, Flatiron, Chelsea, and on the edge of NoMad. Please note that these neighborhood names are approximate as a lot of listing on AirBnB some big liberties with them. Google Maps is your friend! Click here for a map I’m working on for the workshop.

For those looking to pool resources, please contact me now.

Please see the Google map linked above.

Please click here to go to a basic search. The map is zoomed into the approximate area closest to the studio. Be sure to edit the search with your dates and other information.


Whole Foods is the easiest place to find the healthy foods you are probably used to. For those looking for local produce, I suggest visiting the Green Market (or Farmer’s Market) in Union Square on Saturday. Just keep in mind that it is usually quite crowded and will be a very tiring affair after the morning practice. For prepared foods, there’s quite a number of restaurants and I will annotate them on the Google map above.


Please keep your head up and be attentive in this big city. Otherwise you will be annoyance to everyone around you (they may even let you know). People here can be very friendly and helpful but if you act without respect they will turn quickly. For the nerds reading this, you should check out this book: NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette.