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Shadow Yoga

If the practice is correct, energy, prana, will flow through the core and the periphery. If the practice is incorrect it can be dangerous. What I do now… is a prelude to the practice of asanas. ~ Shandor Remete

Shadow Yoga is a school of Hatha Yoga developed by master teacher, Shandor Remete. It is taught through three fixed forms or Preludes, that develop awareness through discipline, self awareness, and release. These qualities are essential for the cultivation of Yoga.

It is essential to take this practice step-by-step to avoid undue set backs. Those new to Shadow Yoga are encouraged to contact us for further information.

The Preludes

BalakramaStepping into Strength
Balakrama strengthens the lower body bringing mobility to the ankles, knees, and hips. Through this, the practitioner learns the grounding action of the feet and increases strength and endurance.

Chaya Yoddha SancalanamChurning of the Shadow Warrior
Sancalanam deepens the leg work of Balakrama and combines it with coordinated movements of the hands and arms. It is a short but effective sequence.

Kartikkeya MandalamGarland of Lights
Powerful twisting and spiraling movements improve the practitioner’s sensitivity of the peripheral body and center. It provides a strong foundation for primary asana work and Nrtta Sadhana.

The process for the seats should be via the coded patterns of the prelude forms that are designed for overcoming energetic obstructions of the body, rendering the mind sensitive towards the action ~ Zhander Remete from Shadow Yoga

For more information regarding Shadow Yoga, please visit www.shadowyoga.com.