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Red Crow Yoga Shala offers instruction in Shadow Yoga/Nṛtta Sādhanā and Jyotiṣa Consultations.

Winter/Spring, 2023 

Nrtta Sadhana: Ananda Tandava with Maya
Saturday & Sunday, April 1st & 2nd, 8:00AM – 10:00AM
Balance Arts Center, 151 W 30th St., 3rd Floor
Fee: $180; Early bird price: $160, if paid by March 18th.
Join Maya for the continuation of the Nrtta Sadhana series with Red Crow Yoga Shala. For this course, Maya introduces the Ananda Tandava – Shiva’s Dance of Bliss or Dissolution. The Ananda Tandava consists of graceful swaying, turning and stepping actions of the legs combined with arm, hand and finger gestures. When the breath is attuned with these movements the sadhaka (aspirant) begins to tap into the natural rhythmic currents within the body. By attuning the body with the infinite expanse the individual can then prepare the practice of Yoga.

The workshop will consist of 2 hour classes on Saturday and Sunday. Preparatory warm-up will proceed the Ananda Tandava, followed with basic seat work. The series is open to all, prior Shadow Yoga experience not necessary.

Jyotisha Chat with Andy
Thursday, February 23, 7pM EST
Online via Zoom
By donation.
Join Andy for an introductory talk on Jyotisha and his experiences regarding this sacred science. 

Los Angeles Shadow Yoga classes will be announced soon!
We are looking at a few different spaces for workshops in Los Angeles. Please contact us if you know of an available space. Prior students are encouraged to contact us to set up online sessions or to answer any questions.

Jyotisha Consultations
Consultations with Andy are available online and in-person. Initial consultations are $180 and follow up sessions are $108. 

Study Group with Andy
Mondays, 10am – 11:30am
Fee: $30
Please email for more information.

Individual Study with Andy
Please email for more information.

Andy and Maya are both available for private consultations. Please contact us if you have any

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