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Shadow Yoga & Nṛtta Sādhanā

Red Crow Yoga Shala offers instruction in Shadow Yoga and Nṛtta Sādhanā.

We will soon announce courses in Los Angeles as well as an updated schedule for NYC as we update the sign soon. Please sign up on our mailing list for our latest news!

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Autumn, 2022 

Shadow Yoga Intro with Andy
November 6, 10:30 to 11:30am ◦  With Murmur at the LA Dance Project
2245 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles 90021
Join Andy for an introduction to the Chaya Yoddha Sanchalanam Prelude of Shadow Yoga. He will cover the fundamental stances and movements of the prelude and conclude with a calming seat. This class is part of the Murmur Project and includes other sessions with other practitioners. Please click here to register and for more information

Quick Jyotisha Consultations with Andy
November 6, 12:30 to 2:00pm ◦  With Murmur at the LA Dance Project
2245 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles 90021
Andy will be available for 30 minute Jyotisha consultations as part of Murmur’s Spirit Revival program. Fee is $30, in addition to program entry, which is applicable towards a full reading at a later time. Please consult the Murmur page for more information.

Nrtta Sadhana Course with Andy
November 11 – 13, 8am to 10am ◦ BAR, NYC
Balance Arts Center, 151 W 30th St., 3rd Floor
Fee: $190, Early Bird Pricing, before November 4: $175. This three session course is a continuation of a September course on the Nrtta Sadhana Long Form. As we complete the form the class explore alternate stance work and dive into Mudras and Inversion. Participants must have previous Nrtta Sadhana experience. Students new to Andy must email prior to course.

Study Group with Andy
Mondays, 10am – 11:30am
Fee: $30
Please email for more information.

Individual Study with Andy
Please email for more information.

Andy and Maya are both available for private sessions. Please contact us if you have any