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Seeing the Unseen Workshop

Seeing the Unseen

with Margaret Mahan, Andy Matinog & Maya Smeloff

Join us for a very special weekend workshop on Jyotisha, Hatha Yoga, & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Jyotisha is the Vedic science of Astrology: analyzing the movement of the stars and their connection to karma and our experience. Hatha Yoga is the practice of physical movements and positions that leads to knowledge of patterned behaviors. TCM is the 3,000 year old medical tradition based on a system of corresponding associations of Yin/Yang and the five elements within the macrocosmic universe and microcosm of the human organism. All three are deep sciences that have casually entered our everyday conversation but they are not well understood or incorporated in meaningful ways. This weekend will help to clear misconceptions and come to better understand how these practices can bring health and happiness.

Saturday & Sunday, March 31 – April 1 34 W 28th St, NYC 10001
$200 prepay by March 1, $250

8 – 9:45am: Yoga with Andy 10am – 12pm: TCM with Maya 12 – 2pm: Break
2 – 4pm: Jyotisha with Margaret 4:10 – 5pm: Roundtable